Information about buying and owning a holiday home

Buying your holiday home

Garantia Resorts holiday homes are built for sale. There are two ways to buy one. You can buy a share which means you have a full ownership of the holiday home. Alternatively, you can buy a 1/6 fraction of your ideal home which entitles you to use it every six weeks throughout the year. You can also purchase fractions from various holiday homes however you like it. Purchasing a holiday home with us is flexible and tailored for your situation.

In addition to enjoying the holiday home by yourself, you can regard it as an investment and rent it out by Garantia Resorts.

Fractional ownership of a holiday home

You can purchase a 1/6 fraction of Garantia Resorts holiday homes which gives you an opportunity to own a holiday home with a smaller amount of capital. You can use your holiday home every six weeks throughout the year, i.e. some 8-9 weeks annually. By purchasing a 1/6 fraction you can choose which series of weeks you want. There are six series of weeks consisting of definite weeks throughout the year.

You can buy fractions in one or more holiday homes. The number is not limited in any way. You can use all the weeks by yourself or rent some of them out by Garantia Resorts.


At Garantia Resorts, you can also buy a holiday home which is fully furnished and equipped for you. The holiday home is always ready for use and whenever you don’t need it, you have a chance to let it by Garantia Resorts. You decide when you want to enjoy your holiday home by yourself and when you wish to let it. Letting is not compulsory but it provides extra profit for your investment. You decide in what way you wish to make the most of your holiday home.

The price of a holiday home

Purchasing a holiday home is just like buying a new house. The sale price is fully free of debt, be it full ownership or 1/6 fractional ownership. Deeds are signed customarily after the RS protection guarantee is issued and there are enough shares reserved in holiday homes. After that, the sale price agreed in the deeds is paid to the builder as construction proceeds, according to the instalment schedule.

How does the purchase proceed?



A holiday home is reserved by signing a reservation agreement and paying the fee of 2 000 € / fraction or 4 000 € / whole share.



When there are enough (ca. 50%) reservations and the RS protection guarantee is issued, it is time to sign the official deeds.


Construction starts

You can relax while we take care of the construction.



Buyer receives the instalment bills dated accordingly with the construction timetable. Buyer pays the instalment bills as the construction proceeds.


Construction finished

Construction is finished and the holiday home is now owned by the buyer. At the same time, the sale price is fully paid.


Enjoy your new holiday home!

Owning a holiday home – what does it mean?

Garantia Resorts holiday homes are fully furnished and always prepared for you. Whether you own your home as a whole or a fraction of it, homes are similarly equipped and always ready for your arrival. Homes and property companies are always maintained. We want you to enjoy your holiday without any stress or worries.

Maintenance fee covering the maintenance costs is paid like in any ordinary housing company. The fee includes upkeep and maintenance of the entire property as well as cleaning. You don’t need to clean the house at the end of your holiday, plough the snow in the winter or worry about any repairs – everything is taken care of for you. The maintenance fee also includes the rent for the plot and one parking space for each house. The amount of fee is based on the size of your holiday home in m².


Letting – profitable ownership

Holiday home situated in an ideal spot in a popular tourist resort is an excellent investment. Himos is a popular destination throughout the year and there is a great demand for high-class holiday homes.

Whether you own your holiday home as a whole or a fraction of it, you can let your holiday home easily and reliably by Garantia Resorts. We will take care of letting on your behalf so the process is care-free and simple. You only inform us when you wish to let your holiday home. Letting prices are defined when the holiday home is purchased. Garantia Resorts and the holiday home owner sign a contract about the operating procedures. The contract covers procedures concerning the maintenance fee as well as operational costs in letting assignments.

Investing in holiday home shares is easy and care-free compared to traditional property letting and all the work it brings along. So, you think it might be a good time to move from traditional property investments to growing holiday resorts?

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